Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mr. Golden Sun? Actually, Mom....

Mother Nature is a Funny Girl!

Yesterday I worked up a sweat in the back yard, ice chipper in hand and a baby strapped to my chest. The sun was radiant, the steady trickle of melting snow was accompanied by the dripping sounds of water in the gutters and the thud, thud, crack of steel on ice. It was glorious! Just a week ago we experienced some of the chilliest weather of the season, and beginning tonight we will go back to a more wintry winter. But, boy, was yesterday a nice treat. Vitamin D galore! The girls even ate their sack lunches outside at pre-school yesterday.

And although today is grey and soggy (Mauren's interpretation of 'foggy'), I'll remind myself in the long days of winter that are sure to follow that the delights of springtime are AWESOME and worth the wait. And even if the weather isn't so great outside, I have this picture above the couch in my livingroom created by Maurnie that makes me smile each time I glance at it. Can you tell what it is?

If you guessed a Rainbow and a Sun... you'd be half right. The multi-colored arc is, indeed, a rainbow. But the orange circle with many appendages is a scary bug walking on said rainbow! Have a great day--sunny or soggy!

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